Why Us

You’ve been on a mission, haven’t you? Searching for clothes that truly express who you are…and it feels like looking for a needle in a haystack, right? Quality’s all over the place, sizes never quite fit, and let’s not even talk about those bland designs that scream "I love beer" in the most generic way possible. Shit is painful!


Enter Polite Pints.


Picture this: Brian, a beer fan just like you, frustrated by the same struggle, couldn’t find clothes that screamed "go-getter beer fan!" So, he decided to change the game. Brian built Polite Pints, a brand designed for beer fans who work hard, play strong, and want to stand out.


You know the world loves to put beer drinkers in a box, right? You face negative stereotypes, generic jokes—it’s all so cliché. But guess what? Polite Pints is here to flip the script.


Polite Pints is about celebrating your individuality, the key to eliminating the frustration of blending into the crowd, being stereotyped and not celebrating who you are which is attainable only through our bold BeerWear that is crafted with timeless designs that blend beer culture with a touch sophistication


Imagine this: You slip on a Polite Pints tee, crafted from buttery-soft fabric that fits just right. You look in the mirror and feel that boost of confidence. You’re not just wearing a shirt; you’re making a statement.


You step out, and people notice. “Cool shirt! Where’d you get it?” Conversations start, connections are made. You’re no longer just another face in the crowd. You’re part of a tribe that values hard work, celebrates success, and knows how to enjoy a good beer.


Our designs aren’t just clothes; they’re conversation starters, bridges to new friendships, and declarations of who you are. And the comfort? Unmatched. Our BeerWear is made to keep you feeling great whether you're hustling through your day or enjoying a well-deserved pint.


Polite Pints is here to help you:

  • Stand out and proudly express who you are.
  • Defy those negative drinking stereotypes.
  • Show off your 'work hard, play strong' lifestyle and get noticed for being part of an awesome tribe.


Brian didn’t just craft BeerWear for you; he started a movement. A movement to redefine what it means to be a go-getter beer fan.


Get in on this journey. Wear Polite Pints and feel fresh, feel confident, and feel recognized for the exceptional beer enthusiast you are.


Are you ready to make a statement? Let’s go!